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Hier finden Sie in Kürze „Edutainment“-Produkten und -Dienstleistungen wie z.B. Spielen, Medien oder Veranstaltungen. Diese Produkte und Dienstleistungen transportieren zuerst einmal, wie alle Entertainment-Produkte, positive Erlebnisse und Gefühle und werden sozusagen als Nebeneffekt zur Edukation, also zur Vermittlung von Informationen oder Unterstützung von persönlichen Wachstumsprozessen genutzt. Sie werden zu „Edutainment“-Produkten und -Dienstleistungen. Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der Förderung sozialer und emotionaler Intelligenz von Erwachsenen und Jugendlichen.

The birth of beauty

Vows of love I gave.
Vows of love I received,
or so I thought.
Now they circle as insults.
There was a time when I thought I deserved them.

He thinks I didn´t feel it
him kissing my hair.
Thinks I didn’t see
the love that never reached his eyes.
A home I searched for.
A home we lost
and a heart or two.
But may he keep his pity
his cold heart is a greater burden
than my cold hand could ever be.
For the sun always breaks through.

Did he think he can defile it?
He mustn´t think so much.
My lust?
Is pure.
This power he dreams of!
I don´t dream.
No more desire.
I let be.

Tale of a tiger´s heart

He was tired. His body was tired, so was his mind, yet he could not find rest. Once, at the height of his career, the tiger had a similar feeling. At that time, however, it was more a feeling of being lost.

The tiger hardly remembered anything about his childhood. Apart from a few more or less caring people, he could not remember loving contacts. Brought up on the bottle in a zoo, he later was sold off to a circus. The little he remembered about his childhood in the zoo, its ending and the transport to the new home he remembered very vividly, too vividly. Laying in the dark, half awake, half stunned he felt the vibration of the transport underneath his body. At that moment, it seemed, life had left him before it even had started. When he finally woke up in his cage, he wished it would have ended, mainly due to a terrible hangover from anaesthesia. But he was alive and looking back to that time now, he could proudly say he was lucky to be. Because what he experienced further down the line, he would not have dared to dream at that time: success, fame, as much food as he could ever digest and everything else you could wish for, being a tiger. Before all of that, however, at his arrival in the circus, he found himself laying on litter and hard ground…